Friday, June 25, 2010

Do you miss me?

So, 2 weeks after my first daughter was born, I said to my husband, while throwing the Wii remote to toss my bowling ball, "Do you think we're doing something wrong?"

"What do you mean?" he asked, as he threw his ball.

"Well, most new parents don't have time to pee, and here we are with a 2 week old, playing Wii!" I figured we must be forgetting to do something...

"She's happy, what should we be doing that we're not?"

So we moved on to tennis, and all was well. Emma never cried, and by never, I literally mean NEVER. I can think of THREE times in her newborn days that she melted down, all of which were for very clear reasons (like the time her dad nearly cut his finger off while I was nursing, and I had to unlatch her, mid-meal, to get the first aid kit... that justified the screaming!).

This new little monkey in our lives is sure making up for what her sister forgot!! She is a SCREAMER. Now, she doesn't cry non-stop, don't get me wrong.. it's really just when she's hungry, and sometimes for a dirty diaper. But she does NOT like to be laid down when she's awake, she wants to be held.

The point in all of this?

I can't craft with only one hand and a baby in the other!! So while I have managed to work on a couple of things, it's a few minutes here and there. Therefore, my blog is suffering. However, yesterday and today have brought nice long naps, and Grandma has been watching my oldest to give me a break, so I have actually finished some stuff. Now I just have to photograph it!

Bear with me, my goal is to be back on track before too long. I don't believe in life stopping just because I had a baby!

...and there goes the screaming baby, wanting to be fed, right on cue!!

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Charmaine Stack said...

Well, as you already know, this time zooms by so fast - that's the nice thing about babies, they make us slow down a bit and just enjoy. The paper and stamps will still be there when you get back. Nothing like the feel of a warm, soft newborn snuggled up to you. :-)


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