Friday, May 21, 2010

...Then comes baby in a baby carriage!

Yet another card for you today! There may be a lot of cards for the next while...

This one was based on a Mojo Monday sketch from last week. Here is the sketch:

And here is my card:

Basically, I am trying to replenish our card supply, as we've been busy with so many other projects for the last few months, our cards are depleting. This is the great part of the sketch challenges; they are giving me the inspiration I need to get back into cardmaking, and they are forcing me to fill up the boxes that have been neglected for too long!

SO... this was an easy card, as you can see. The only real time consuming part was colouring in the baby carriage with my blender pens, and even that was quick! Can you believe such a great image was a $1.50 stamp from Micheal's??

It's a long weekend around here, and hubby has lots of projects planned, so I have a feeling I will be spending lots of time in the craft room... I hope I can get lots done so that when this baby comes, I can keep up with my blog easily!

Happy Friday!

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Katie Renz said...

Hi Meredith! I just had to come back and reply to your comment... I can't even imagine having to wait nearly your full term for a baby. With baby one, I skipped the last month 1/2 and with babies 2 and 3, I skipped nearly all of month 8 and 9. With all healthy children now, I am grateful that I didn't have to wait the full 9 months... I feel your pain, but think about that end result!

Good for you to be blogging too... ps... cute card. Love that carriage.


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