Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today, I want to share some pics from my daughter's first birthday, which was last August. You may have noticed in some earlier posts this month that preparations for her second birthday are well under way, but I still love how everything turned out for her first birthday. I had such fun planning everything, even though it broke my heart that she was already a year old! And now she's nearly TWO!

Anyway... early on I decided to go with a basic colour theme of fuscia and lime green. As I found elements that complimented the theme, I added to my collection! Below are the favours waiting for the guests.

And here is part of the food table:

For the party, I made all the invitations, the birthday girl's hat, the banner, little tags for all the favours, and then thank you cards (which I forgot to photograph!). Oh, and did I mention I made that cake?

A closer look at the cake and invite, with the hat.

And here is Emma's cupcake, all to herself:

People thought I was nuts for doing all this, because she was only 1, and how did she know I was going to this much trouble? Oh, silly people... it's alllll for the scrapbook! Okay, not entirely. I just love planning a party and having it all cohesive. It's my OCD, I just can't help it.

So, you can see that not only did all the party accessories match, but so did Emma's outfit, and while there's no photos, so did my outfit! When I do things, I do them ALL OUT. Did I mention I made that barrette in her hair, to make sure it matched perfectly?

And finally, just because she was so cute, here is the birthday girl after enjoying her first piece of chocolate cake!

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