Monday, May 3, 2010

Paper Bag Baby Book

These are becoming a favorite around here!

I was invited to a baby shower last fall for - okay, follow along here - the daughter-in-law of my mother-in-law's best friend. I had never met Carley before, but know her mother-in-law quite well; she has appointed herself honorary grandmother to my daughter! Because I didn't know Carley, and wasn't at all sure what she and her husband might need for their baby, I decided to make her a baby book. I remembered that when I had Emma, I was so grateful someone had bought me one, since otherwise I never would have gotten around to it. And hey, who doesn't love to show off in a room full of strangers? Not obnoxious at all, right?

So because I'd always been intrigued by the lunch sack books I'd seen around, I thought this was my excuse!

It was a HUGE hit, so much so, one of the guest of honour's friends approached me at a wedding shower for - follow along again - Carley's husband's brother's fiancee (now I am just having fun with you), to see if I would make one for her sister who is expecting any minute now. For sure! So here are pictures of the second book I made, which actually led to a third for a friend who had her baby in January. I was out to lunch (I claim pregnancy brain!) and didn't take photos of either the first or the third ones I made, so you'll have to settle for these.

The Welcome Baby page, which has room to note the name, place and time of birth, and then the right page is for Baby's first photo.

Family Tree: a page each for mum and dad, listing aunts, uncles, grandparents and great grandparents for both sides.

Each month has space to track weight and length, plus things like "New Discoveries" and "Favourite Songs", then the right hand side is for that month's favorite photos.

Because these are paper bags, the opening creates a pouch, each of which contains a tag for further journalling, and extra photos and keepsakes.

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Belinda said...

Fabulous baby book! Love that there's a pouch to hold future keepsakes! How cute is that?

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how to make one of these books? I am hosting a trip to Sesame Place and like to make something for the kids and thought I'd make these for them to put their pictures of their trip in them.

Anonymous said...

Could I also get directions on this? I've been looking all over for directions and can't seem to have anyluck. I'm at

Thank you


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