Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh Baby...

I have posted a new card for you to peek at today, so be sure to keep scrolling at the bottom of this post!

Well, you've probably heard me complain at least once now about being due with my second baby any minute. Truth is, I am due on June 1. So that's not quite 2 weeks from today, and hey, things could get going sooner (she hopes)!

I just wanted to put it out there that if I suddenly were to disappear from my blog for a few days, it likely means I have finally been given reprieve!

Now, don't get me wrong... there are aspects to being pregnant that I have loved. I am one of those women who absolutely LOVES to show off my belly, and think that I look better than ever, even if my rear has it's own postal code. I will miss having this big round belly - but I will not miss all the discomfort and unease that it brings with it! I will also really miss feeling the little flutters and kicks (tho, not the ones to my bladder and pelvis!), and I have to say, knowing that this is likely my last pregnancy, it's a bit sad as it nears it's end.

BUT... I am so anxious to be able to just get in and out of bed. Forget the manouvering and hoisting and subsequent pain that goes with it. I am also ready to be able to pick stuff up when I drop it on the floor... my poor 2 year old, while she LOVES being helpful, has turned into Mummy's Little Helper (slave?)!! Also, I will be glad when I can hold my Emma properly again. She wants her cuddles, and she just can't get comfortable, and I feel for her, because she is too young to understand that it's only temporary, and soon she will be able to snuggle in nice and close like she wants to!

Mostly... I am just so ready to meet this little bug. From the start I have had the feeling that it's a boy (he'll have lots of dresses to wear, but he'll never know...), so it's on record here! We'll see if I am right. And because I've been through it once, I am so much more prepared for what the amazing journey ahead of me is - falling in love, learning this little personality...

Anyway... here is your warning that I could, without notice, disappear for a few days, but if I do, I'll be back as soon as I can to share some new goods with you!

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