Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Bouquet

Well, the past few days I have been digging out pictures of previous projects to keep something going on this blog, but yesterday I really did exhaust the resources. So I was in the shower today wondering what I might dream up to create, and this little project came to me!

My mother in law loves the paper flowers I have made for a few projects in the past, so I know she'll appreciate this as a little add-on to her Mother's Day gift!

I made some different flowers for which I had seen a few tutorials on Splitcoast Stampers;

The tissue paper flower (which I think is my favorite) is just 8 - 10 scallop punched circles stacked on top of each other, then held together in the center with a brad. Then you just scrunch the paper upwards, not worrying about being tidy at all, and you get this lovely sort of carnation type flower. Some of the scallops didn't even punch cleanly, since I was re-using some tissue, so it was already quite smunched. Didn't matter at all!

The 2-shaded pink flower, which reminds me of a Chrysanthe - Mum (appropriate, no?) was just 10 or so circles, cut freehand (don't need to be perfect!). Stack in alternating colours, then secure with a brad in the center. Then you just make random cuts towards the center of the circle to create the petals. Scrunch it up in your hand like a ball, then fluff it all out. SO easy, and so effective.

The yellow flower was a bit of an experiment. I stamped nine heart images, and cut them out to create petals. Then I just curled them a few different directions around a pen to give them some dimension. I punched them all roughly in the center of the heart's base, then stacked them on the brad, trying to alternate them so that you can see all the layers. I don't LOVE this one, but I did need a large flower to fill in space, and it does that nicely.

The yellow and purple flower is just a series of circles punched (I think this is a 1" punch?), then I pierced them all on one side. I put them on a brad in alternating colours and fanned them to show all the 'petals', then I just scrunched and pulled and tweaked to try and give it some texture.

The tiny little "filler" flowers were just a punched flower that I layered in 2 colours, then added a rhinestone center. The little butterfly accents are also just punched and then layered for dimension. And who says a butterfly can't have a shiny silver ball for a head?

Finally, the layered pink flower in the center of the pot is the only one I didn't make. I layered 2 styles of paper flowers, held together with the rhinestone brad.

For all the flowers, I wrapped the backs of the brads with a thin gauge wire, and twisted it to give it some 'teeth' when I stuck it into the paper grass. The grass was just left over from Easter!

Finally, I used another of Waltzingmouse Stamps' templates for the 'pot'. This is Claire's "Mini Square Basket", without it's handle. SUPER easy template, and can be found on her blog with the rest of her templates here. Just scroll down and keep an eye out on the right for a whole list of templates. I just stamped the outside of the basket with a damask pattern, and folded the trim down to give it some solid contrast.

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