Friday, May 7, 2010

More Birthday Fun...

Yesterday I showed you the birthday cake invitations I made for my daughter's upcoming second birthday. Today I am showing off the cupcake toppers that I made to compliment the plates you saw with the cake, which were the inspiration for this whole party's theme.

Normally I would be baking some sort of fantastic looking cake (modest, no?), but when I found the plates and napkins, etc. at Micheal's, there were also cupcake liners. I decided this would be a fun change, especially since they match, which always appeals to my inner OCD! So, I got one of these Wilton cupcake stands:

and my plan is to have a lovely tower of cupcakes complete with toppers for each!

Emma's cupcake will, of course, be the top cupcake, with it's own special topper that is different from the rest, and her special "2" candle. Her topper is similar to the rest, but with a larger circle punched for the background, and "Happy Birthday!" on the front, in embossed red glitter.

I made 2 styles of toppers for the guests to keep things interesting, both based on the same design.

The first features rhinestone cherries, which I made using part of a leaf border stamp that I have, and 2 rhinestones to make the actual fruit. The background was simply punched using my scallop SU punch, and a 1" circle punch for the center.

The second one is simple, with a sparkle "2" in red on the same background as the cherries. I just stamped these with my MS glue pad, and used glitter to bling it up!

I just used some strong double-sided adhesive to attach the toothpicks to the back of the scallop, and it seems to be holding nicely.

I am re-thinking the ribbon attached to the toothpicks, as they are a bit finicky, and because I believe I have something like 23 cupcakes to do, it might be more work than it's worth, not to mention all that ribbon (even if it isn't expensive)! We'll see what I decide!

I bought food colour gel in the red and blue for the cupcakes, so now I have to decide how I want to ice them. I might do a combo of both, or I might just pick one, I am not sure yet. I have time to decide!

Today's project is the tags for the thank you's we'll give to each guest. I know I am making sugar cookies in the same sort of cherry design that I've used everywhere, I am just not sure how I am going to package them just yet - so off to Google!

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