Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Weekend Lull...

Wait, it's Monday?

The hubby being home sure throws me for a loop! It's a long weekend here, and while I did manage a few projects over the past 3 days (being prego is a GREAT excuse - "I can't do housework, I really can only sit. So I might as well make stuff!"). I finally started my wedding scrapbook - we only got married 4+ years ago! I bought the stuff to get started probably close to 3 years ago! I just never really got around to printing out pictures to use, so it never went anywhere. But I found a challenge the other day that spurred me to finally get the ball rolling. So now I've completed 4 pages, and am starting my 5th (scouting out the online inspiration for a layout!).

But no, I haven't managed to take pictures of anything yet!

So there really isn't anything to see here today, but I am using the excuse that it's still the weekend, so I don't have to feel bad. Tomorrow I'll be back with something to show you!

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