Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Learning a New Dance Move...

So, if you've read anything on this teeny blog of mine, you'll see that I am a big fan of Waltzingmouse Stamps. I participated in a card sketch challenge a couple of weeks ago, and I have shown you many of the projects that have come from Claire's templates. I am so excited that 'my' first sets of WMS showed up in the mail yesterday... the only catch is that they are part 1 of 2 of a gift for my Mother-in-law, and part 2 is still taking it's sweet time due to the ash cloud. So until I get part 2, I can't actually break into these babies and start creating!

On Monday, May 17, Waltzingmouse Stamps will be hosting their monthly Blog Waltz (sometimes known as a Hop). The theme this month is birthdays, since they are celebrating their first. Check out the details here.

I have every intention of participating, but of course this is all dependent on part 2 of the aforementioned gift showing itself in my mailbox! In order to dance with the other ladies, I need to use WMS stamps... so you see my dilemma!

Anyway, cross your fingers that my mailman brings me good news - he has nearly a week! In any case, if I don't manage to participate this month, I still encourage you to check out the Waltz, because there are always fabulous results when someone uses these stamps!

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