Saturday, May 29, 2010

Celebrating Canada's Birthday...

Well, in just over a month, we will be celebrating our beloved country's birthday! Our family is quite patriotic - if I had a picture, I would show you my husband's tattoo of the country's silhouette filled in like the flag.

Every year we tend to try to do something, even if it's just as a family, to show our pride. We wouldn't think of leaving the house without at least a little bit of red in our outfit!

So this year, we are planning a barbeque for a few friends and neighbours. I mean, how could this possibly be ambitious when we'll have a newborn in the house?

I had to, of course, make some pretty impressive invitations for this soire!

I used the flip flop card style that I posted on here earlier in the month (if you want links to instructions, leave me a comment!). Instead of cutting out an oval or rectangle, I wanted to showcase our flag's maple leaf. So, I found a template online so I'd have an accurate shape, cut it out in the white cardstock, and laid that down in the center of my card, then traced the outline only where I needed to cut. The one downside is that I wasn't able to make the maple leaf contain it's shape properly when the card is folded - but I decided it was worth the sacrafice for how impressive it looks when it's standing up.

I embossed the "O' Canada" stamp in white, just to give it some dimension. The back of the card has "You're Invited" in white, and the details of the BBQ on the back maple leaf.

I have a few other goodies planned for the actual barbeque, so I'll share pictures early in July when it's all over!

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