Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter Lunch - FINALLY!

Alright, let's see if I can't show off a few things from Easter, even if it was a month ago... I worked hard to make all kinds of treats for the table, with the idea that I would be showing them off, so here goes.

The first picture shows the little flowers I made to hold marshmallow peeps at each person's setting.

The second picture shows the little treat boxes that I created, filling each with some chocolate eggs for everyone at the table.

The last picture shows my whole table setting. We hosted my mother in law and brother in law, just a small lunch! I sort of kept it like a traditional luncheon that my mother in law's generation loves to host, and did finger sandwiches, a veggie platter, fruit salad and some jello for dessert. All very gallstone friendly for me! I love how bright and "springy" the whole thing looked!

I will do my best to track down the templates for these and post them later.

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1 comment:

Claire Brennan said...

Your Easter table is an inspiration Meredith, so glad you decided to blog, everything looks lovely and I especially love your wee boxes!!


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