Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, it's official; I am a blogger!

I am addicted to creating things, mainly out of paper. There are literally hundreds of blogs out there dedicated to this very passion, and because I am constantly inspired by other beautiful work, I thought maybe I would contribute my own two cents. From time to time, my plan is to post new projects and possibly even tutorials (if I am ever that organized!), if I manage to come up with my own creation that hasn't been cased from someone else!

Another great joy of mine is party planning - and I find these two hobbies intertwine perfectly. Anyone who has been to a party I have hosted knows that everything from the invitation to the parting gift will coordinate - and it's because I make most of it myself. I love to create one of a kind invitations, party favours and tags, and decorations. So you might even see a post or 2 showing off our celebrations!

I hope you find something you like when you visit, and maybe even feel inclined to leave some feedback! I look forward to really getting into this blogging world!


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1 comment:

nikky said...

YEAH for blogging! :) I will be a follower of your blog FOR SURE!


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