Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Preparations...

Last year, a friend who rarely comes to my house was there near Easter time, and she commented that she had no idea that I was "so into Easter". The thing is - I am not, really. I am just into any occasion that allows me to change up or add to the decor in my house, and if it's an excuse to entertain, all the better!

So this year, while we're keeping it quiet - just my husband's mother and brother will be joining us for lunch - I am really enjoying making plans for a lovely spring themed meal, complete with candies and decorations in honour of our favorite bunny!

One complication: A week ago, I was diagnosed with gallstones, and have been told to keep to a bland diet. This means almost no fat for me, which, while it's got it's benefits (I have lost nearly 5lbs since finding out, despite being late in my pregnancy - thanks to lots of salad!), has been a challenge. While I would normally go all out while hosting a meal, I have to keep my dietary restrictions in check.

SO... a light lunch is in order, and I have already made all kinds of plans for how to set the table. This has led to me create all sorts of things, pictures of which are soon to come, once everything is put together. I have created many things for the table, including place cards, paper flowers holding little sweet treats for each spot, boxes with yummy treats for my guests...

And let's not forget that my hubby and daughter will enjoy their own little treats when they get out of bed in the morning:

These baskets were a really simple template that I got from Waltzingmouse Stamps' blog, here. This one is the Octagon Easter/Mother's basket, and can be found with all of Claire's great templates at the bottom of the page. I have used a couple of these, and I am always impressed with the results. I took her template, and made these 2 using coordinating papers as liners, then bought some paper grass in similar shades. I re-packed the chocolate eggs (one is an Aero, one is a Creme Egg), with some peanut butter eggs that were the right colours! Voila, looks so impressive!

Stay tuned for more pictures of my fun Easter projects!

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