Friday, October 14, 2016

Festive Friday - Warm Winter Wishes...

Hello there, friends!

It's been a couple of weeks again... finding time to make cards is one challenge, but finding time to photograph them is a whole other thing!! All these children who want 3 meals a day... *every* day!

So for this one, I stepped out of my usual box... For me, this is quite the departure!

He's never so obvious with his compliments, but I think this might be my husband's favourite card that I've ever shown him. He likes this kind of 'scene' card, if he's card shopping, and his preference is far more cutesy than I've ever been comfortable with... so my cards are never really what he's drawn to (I say that like he spends any time looking at cards).

I broke out an older WPlus9 set that I still really, really love... it's called Iconic Christmas, and it's just the perfect name for this one! I wanted to keep it very pale and simple, and just used glitter to emphasize the accents. I love how it turned out, actually, even though it's so far out of my usual zone... and now I have ideas for how to draw on this same idea.

So is anyone else antsy to get the decorations out? I'm *so* ready for my trees! But my brutus toddler might think I put them up just for him to dismantle, so it could be a testy season.........

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Festive Friday - Holiday Joy...

It's Friday! So I saved posting this card until today so that I could make it a Festive Friday post. 

I have been stamping a lot of similar cards using different colours and different sets, but the result is that I have quite a pile of 'easy-to-mail' (read: not my usual layers) cards. It will come in handy, I am sure, but I think it's time to branch out a little!

The photo does not do the gold justice on this card... I finally bought a Delicata ink pad and holy WOW is it ever sparkly. Worth it. I like the vintage appeal of this colour combo... I think that's why I like stamping backgrounds so much; I get to really play with colour combinations and manipulate them to make whatever my mood feels like. It's therapeutic, for sure. 

The kids are leaving school early this afternoon, so I am off to soak up the last hour of peace before I have to go get them for the weekend. It's been one of those weeks... *wink*

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bundle of Joy...

Hey there!

Popping in really quickly, before the battery on my laptop dies... I have a card that I put together for my friend who is expecting a baby girl in a few weeks... this is her third, but together with her new husband, this will make four girls and one boy for them... life is about to get all kinds of busy!

I went crazy for the Little Bo Peep line that Crate Paper released a couple of years ago, so I purchased tons of it... which means I have lots to use up!

I am for sure way out of practice... every time I make something, I am reminded how rusty I am!

Anyway... I better skip out. I know this is a short post, but like I said... my computer is on borrowed time!

Have a wonderful night, my friends!

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Season's Greetings...

I sat down yesterday, determined to create *non*-holiday related cards.

That totally didn't happen.

For good measure, after I finished the Christmas cards, I did do a couple of layouts to get my 13 month old's scrapbook started. You know... not to rush or anything...

I had this idea last year, to create some form of rainbow effect using snowflakes. I just love love LOVE snowflakes (I've never been shy about admitting this), and this was a really out-of-my-box type of card for me, so it took awhile to pull together, given it's simplicity. The stamping was easy... it was deciding how badly I wanted to cover up that beautiful background...

So I decided to use a circle cut from vellum to ground my sentiment without covering up my rainbow.

Stamping the pattern came together pretty quickly, and I can't properly describe the love I have for these Simon Says Stamp snowflakes. I have a lot of snowflake sets, but I really do grab for this one probably the most. It's hard to tell from my photo, but the die cut sentiment (another favourite from SSS) is covered in glitter. I also debossed the background with a linen cover plate from Papertrey, but it's definitely a subtle effect.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend, wherever you are... it's a drizzly, true fall day here, and my whole family has left me alone in the house, so I'm in my glory. Happy Saturday!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

On Your Special Day...

You know what my favourite part of back to school is? The part where the kids (one of whom is starting her fourth year at school) have no idea what it means to get ready every morning, have no concept of speed, and love to hear my yell every morning. It's just the highlight of every day for me. You too?

Anyway... this is why I've made such a point of carving out time to stamp and create again... to keep myself somewhat sane.

I have used up a lot of my birthday cards, so even though I want to stamp everything Christmas, I am trying to throw a few of these in to build up a stash again.

I have also been trying to really use the stamps I have that have been sitting idle for a couple of years... it's so easy to get caught up in the new stuff I see and want to bring it all home, but I am doing my best to resist!

I have a few holiday projects coming your way in the next little while too... I didn't say I was able to resist the urge to make everything festive!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Festive Friday - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...

Festive WHAT? That's right... I decided to do a Festive Friday post... I even did a post over on the old challenge blog! Not with any challenge link at this point, however... But, I thought it was only fair to share with fellow Christmas lovers...

When I was working on my card for the Muse: Christmas Visions guest gig last week, I had a couple of designs in mind and decided to just putter with my supplies - like I used to. I can waste the hours away working on holiday projects any time of year. I just love all things snowflake.

Simon Says Stamp has some of my favourite snowflake stamps going... and I have a *lot* of snowflake stamps.

We had a snowflake themed wedding nearly 11 years ago, and since then, I adore them. I have a Christmas tree covered in them (there are a few other ornaments thrown in, but the bulk of them are flakes), I have many dies, many stamps and lots of other things in between. Also, a plan for a snowflake tattoo is in the works. I love them.

See what I was saying in my last post about my style of card being more simple lately? I don't know if it will stick... but at least I finally have some cards that are easier to mail. That always proves a snag when it's time to finally send these things out!

I think I've worked out a tentative schedule for creating, so if I can manage to stick with it, I should be able to make a good pile of cards to send out this year, and who knows? Maybe I'll manage some blog posts!

No promises...

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

Well, if I've learned anything in my years as a mother, it's this; the more children you have, the faster the years pass! I remember when my little guy was born, and the nights were so long and the exhaustion all-consuming... and I would think to myself in those wee hours that I just needed to remember how quickly he'd be a year old and all that newborn craziness would be over, and I'd miss it... and even at that, it's been a shock to realize we are there, and he's a year old!

This was probably one of  my favourite parties to date... It's one that I've been drawn to before, but the girls always had ideas of their own, and it inevitably was pushed aside. But very quickly when Charlie was born, I was drawn to starry-themed things for him, and it sort of became his 'thing' (my girls have their own 'things'!)... so I knew this was the perfect chance!

I really invested myself in this one... we decided that since the oldest and the youngest celebrate their birthdays only 5 days apart, that this would be a family celebration for both. So that meant roughly 25 people and a whole lot of work! But I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was so pleased with how it all came together.

I stuck to simple colours - navy and gold, with lots of cream and white.

I also decided that I would serve more 'fancy' and grown up food this time... I prepared everything myself (I love to cook but don't feel like I get to stretch my skills too often with three little ones and their picky dad), and it completely exhausted me... but everyone loved the spread, so it was worth it.

There wasn't much left over at the end, so I call it a success!

We had cake as well as the cupcakes since there were so many guests. It helped give everyone something sweet without having to bake a huge cake or an entire table of cupcakes. Variety is more interesting!

I also made cookies for decorating, which usually I intend to pass out as favours and usually at the end of the party, I have a pile of prettily packaged cookies left behind. So this time I plated them and put them out to be enjoyed. Worked far better...

It also helped to get the point across that this was, technically, a joint party.

Since the focus was on Charlie (because Emma had her friends' party a week later, where she got to be the center of attention), I chose to use my Instagram photos from his monthly photo sessions and create a banner behind the main food table. It wasn't easy to take this down, and I only did so because it didn't fit with the following birthday party!

Well, those are the key parts... I did take lots of photos of our following party, so I'll try to get those edited and posted before too long! Thanks for sticking through such a long post... Hopefully it wasn't too dull! *wink*

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