Friday, August 26, 2016

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

Well, if I've learned anything in my years as a mother, it's this; the more children you have, the faster the years pass! I remember when my little guy was born, and the nights were so long and the exhaustion all-consuming... and I would think to myself in those wee hours that I just needed to remember how quickly he'd be a year old and all that newborn craziness would be over, and I'd miss it... and even at that, it's been a shock to realize we are there, and he's a year old!

This was probably one of  my favourite parties to date... It's one that I've been drawn to before, but the girls always had ideas of their own, and it inevitably was pushed aside. But very quickly when Charlie was born, I was drawn to starry-themed things for him, and it sort of became his 'thing' (my girls have their own 'things'!)... so I knew this was the perfect chance!

I really invested myself in this one... we decided that since the oldest and the youngest celebrate their birthdays only 5 days apart, that this would be a family celebration for both. So that meant roughly 25 people and a whole lot of work! But I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was so pleased with how it all came together.

I stuck to simple colours - navy and gold, with lots of cream and white.

I also decided that I would serve more 'fancy' and grown up food this time... I prepared everything myself (I love to cook but don't feel like I get to stretch my skills too often with three little ones and their picky dad), and it completely exhausted me... but everyone loved the spread, so it was worth it.

There wasn't much left over at the end, so I call it a success!

We had cake as well as the cupcakes since there were so many guests. It helped give everyone something sweet without having to bake a huge cake or an entire table of cupcakes. Variety is more interesting!

I also made cookies for decorating, which usually I intend to pass out as favours and usually at the end of the party, I have a pile of prettily packaged cookies left behind. So this time I plated them and put them out to be enjoyed. Worked far better...

It also helped to get the point across that this was, technically, a joint party.

Since the focus was on Charlie (because Emma had her friends' party a week later, where she got to be the center of attention), I chose to use my Instagram photos from his monthly photo sessions and create a banner behind the main food table. It wasn't easy to take this down, and I only did so because it didn't fit with the following birthday party!

Well, those are the key parts... I did take lots of photos of our following party, so I'll try to get those edited and posted before too long! Thanks for sticking through such a long post... Hopefully it wasn't too dull! *wink*

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Guest Designer: Wishing You Joy...

Told you I'd be back!

I am here for such a fun reason... a few months ago, my friend Ardyth (the lovely soul who kept my Festive Friday blog going for awhile there when I couldn't...) asked me if I would be interested in Guest Designing for her fun challenge blog, Muse: Christmas Visions. As if I even needed to think twice about it!

I am so glad I had this push to create something... I really miss it so much! And Christmas themed at that... you know how I feel about Christmas projects!

 I have never stopped adding to my collection of goodies to play with, even if I rarely use them... I can't help myself when I see pretty things that inspire me! So I have some new-to-me Christmas supplies that I was so happy to have an excuse to use.

I find the longer I am 'away' from creating (only in a hands-on sense; I still prowl blogs and Pinterest and dream up creations of my own that never come to execution...), the more my style seems to change when I sit down at the craft table. I'm drawn to simpler designs, and while my hubs used to tease me about all the lace and buttons you would find on nearly everything I created, I seem to be leaving those behind more often than not.

But I still couldn't resist stamping myself a background!

I hope you'll play along with this week's challenge! I'll be happy (and humbled and honoured) to come and see what you've done with my little card here...

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wish Big - Gryffindor Style...

Well, just when you might have given up on me, and thought I'd given up blogging for good, here I am! I've carved out time the last little while to create a few things, and would you believe I'll be a guest designer next week? You'll have to keep an eye out for that one...

The baby had his first birthday last weekend, so I have photos to work through and share from that... and almost immediately following, my oldest has her birthday on Friday. It's been busy with projects for these celebrations, and I've even managed a couple of extra projects too. I hope it becomes a trend!

So the oldest has caught the Harry Potter fever... she ordered a Gryffindor themed party (okay, I confess that was my persuasion... she wanted every detail from every movie in every room of the house, and I gently suggested we pick the House colours and use them as our theme...), and I had to figure out how to rise to the occasion.

That was all easy enough and then it was time to make her a card. I was stumped for a minute, but then I figured if I just replicated the Gryffindor tie as a backdrop it might just take itself from there...

So there it is. I hope she can see what I was going for, because so long as she likes it, then I say it worked. I figured the owl silhouette maybe helped seal the theme... maybe not? *wink*

I'll do my best to post the projects I've been creating before too much time passes, and maybe even make time to create some more! And I really do plan to post photos from the parties this month... just can't promise they'll be before Christmas... Ha!

Check back next week, as I have another post coming your way for sure... see you soon!

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy Birthday...

The girls are at school, the baby is hanging out with Grandma, and I'm taking a break from cleaning toilets to eat some leftover pasta. Glamour, all glamour around here! But I thought it was a good opportunity to visit my neglected blog!

I have found a couple of pictures of projects that I don't think I've shared here before... but I'm also completely out of touch with reality, so there's a very good chance I have absolutely posted this card before and I can't remember. But I couldn't find it when I dug around, so here's hoping the crazy isn't taking over.

Three kids will do it to you, I'm tellin' ya. My husband even looked at me a couple of weeks ago and said, "This third kid has really taken it out of you." He never notices *anything* so that's an indication of how I must look.


We are getting ready to get back into birthday parties around here already. I am completely in denial that my youngest girl is going to be *six* and that the baby is closing right in on his first birthday. Don't even talk to me about the oldest one finishing grade two already. Who let this happen?

So this card I am sharing is actually from last year's birthday party. The oldest had her birthday only 5 days after her baby brother was born via c-section, and since we knew that's about how it was going to play out, we picked a super easy theme for our party. One I could prepare for very easily with little effort, and one we knew we could count on Dad and Grandma to be willing to do all the food prep.

This girl loves all things Day of the Dead, and I firmly believe I was a Mexican in a past life, so we combined our two loves, and threw a fiesta for her seventh birthday.

I used a set from Avery Elle (which I can't find a link for, so will assume it's retired), which was *so* perfect!

I also snuck that skull of there from a Halloween set that I have from Waltzingmouse (also no longer available), because this girl loves sugar skulls, so it sort of seemed fitting.

The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink and *not* retired, so there's that! Maybe being so out of the loop for this long means I'm using all 'collectible' stamps (sounds better than no longer available)!

Well, those toilets apparently aren't going to clean themselves. And if I wait until the children are home, well... there's no point then, is there?

Thanks for popping by! I hope to share another few things before too long... but I will leave you with this beauty, who is almost nine months old already...

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Let's Catch Up...

Hello old friends!

I can't believe it's been so many months since I posted... time really does fly, doesn't it? I keep thinking to myself "this is the week I'll start blogging again..." because I so miss being immersed in Blogland... but then life happens, and it's Spring Break.

So I thought I'd catch you up a little and share the few projects I have managed to create in the last few months.

The main keeper of my time...

And that's already a month ago... he'll be seven months old tomorrow. The first few months were quite cranky... people would ask how he was and I'd always reply, "Bitchy!" because he was just so grumpy all the time. Then we took him to Disneyland (right before the above photo) and life clicked for him. He's now a very happy, very smiley boy, who is very attached to his mumma. I won't lie; I kind of love that last part! But it means that when he's around me, I get very little done because he figures he should be, in some way, attached to me. I know this time will pass so quickly, so I don't mind and I definitely indulge.

The girls are so completely in love with him that we have to remind them constantly to give him his space. My oldest can't stop picking him up, even though she can barely handle his huge self (he's a big boy!). They are always showering him with kisses, and if he fusses, they race each other to be by his side and talk to him. It's a good help for me!

We are also gearing up for another pretty huge renovation... we *still* have a lot of finishing work to do on the main floor from the renovations we did last year, and now we are getting ready to completely gut our basement. My hubby has decided that it's time to get another bin parked in our driveway and start filling it. We've filled the workshop up with things like doors and tiles, and so there's not a lot of actual work space. So it sounds like we'll be gutting the basement, hanging trim in the kitchen at the same time we're hanging drywall downstairs. It's a little chaotic, but at this point, I'm just along for the ride!

Cards... oh I miss stamping so much! It wouldn't be a trip to my blog without a Christmas card, right?

I adopted a penguin for my husband's Christmas present (he loves penguins!), so this was the card I put together for him. It's a mish mash of products, and it takes me forever these days to put something together, but it's so damned cathartic when I do!

Our anniversary was at the start of February... we've somehow been married for ten years! We had a snowflake themed wedding, so I made a card that reflected our theme and colours:

I feel like I was channeling my inner Debbie Hughes with that one...

Then it was Valentine's Day, and I wanted to create a little something for the kids... I was lazy though, and they all got the same design. Hopefully my son forgives the girly factor!

I love love LOVE Rifle & Co. and tried my best to emulate their beautiful style when I stamped these out. I was happy enough with them for being quickie cards I punched out before we left for Disneyland (we got back the day before Valentine's).

The girls are on their Spring Break so it's going to be a couple of busy weeks ahead, but they have both asked to spend a day in the craft room stamping, so that means we'll dump their brother on Grandma, and hopefully I'll blog again before another six months goes by...

If there's anyone reading this... thanks for stopping by! I say it every time, but I really *do* hope to get back into regular blogging sometime soon. We've got some parties and things coming up, which forces me to create... I just have to make a point of blogging those projects!

I hope all of you are well, and please know that even if I'm silent in my corner over here, I AM still checking out what's going on out there, and seeing what you're all up to! Have a great Sunday, friends!

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Red and Green - PTI October Blog Hop...

Hey there friends! I am so excited that I managed to make not just one but a couple of different cards so that I could participate in this month's Blog Hop over at Papertrey!

My kids had a day off from school on Friday and my oldest asked if we could spend the day making cards. Of course that sounded like fun to me, so I asked Grandma to be in charge of the other two kids (I was on call for baby feeds only!) and off we went. It's always so relaxing and lovely to just stamp the day away!

**forgive the terribly boring photos - I had to snap these quick while the baby was happy!**

I couldn't pass up this month's holiday theme, since my favourite projects to make are for Christmas! I dug out some of the things I picked up last year but haven't had enough time to play with yet, and created a couple of different things using the colour theme from the inspiration photo; red and green.

So I only recently finally got the dies that go with the Sparkle & Shine sets that were released last year; which I got at the time, but have barely touched. So for this one, I stamped some snowflakes in Soft Stone for my background (those are from Simon Says Stamp), then dug out Bells & Boughs (still a favourite) to add my stamping in the top corner. This one came together quickly, and I really like how it turmed out.

I had so much fun stamping this background... these are the stamps from the mini set that was included in the Tinsel and Tags Make it Market kit last year... and I *love* how easy it was to pull this together.

One last one!

Again, I used all stamps from the Tinsel & Tags kit... this one was also so fun to make! I really like how the little layers in the scene came together, and it actually isn't *that* thick for popping this in the mail!

That's all I have for you today... thanks so much for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of your hop!

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Birthday...

August has turned into the month of birthdays for us. My new baby (six weeks old already!) is first, then his oldest sister is just a few days later. Then just over a week after that is my husband. It calls for a lot of card making! I don't mind...

So I'm realizing that I'm going to have to learn some new tricks... I could sometimes pass off a very frilly card to my husband because he would realize it's just how I do... but with a new little boy in our house, I'm thinking flowers and pink lace may not cut it any more! I tried a new (to me) technique for my husband's card this year, hoping to create something more masculine.

I used to have such an aversion to this shade of green, but when you pair it with gold, it's too perfect not to love! I was inspired by a tag I had seen that Dawn Wholeslagle had created in this post (scroll down) and decided to try it for myself. Basically, just stamping in white ink, then on top of that with coloured ink. I liked that the colours became really muted this way.

I thought it turned out okay!

I have been trying to post this card for a couple of weeks now, and I have others to post as well. My little monkey is growing so quickly and time passes in a blink... he'll be seven weeks old at the end of this week! He's becoming more alert and not super cranky every time he's awake, so that's a nice change. I still can't wait for a full night's sleep though... *wink*

He is very much a mix of his two sisters, and I am so in love with seeing him grow into himself. He's filling out quickly, and I swear he looks different every time I go in to change a diaper. I know I'm biased, but I do think he's pretty handsome!

Thanks so much for popping in, I so appreciate your visits!

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